New BetLuckys' Live Betting Application.

Here’s a chance to always be on top of your game. So what if you missed the kick-off? Our new app lets you get fresh updated odds from beginning to end of the sports/special event of your choice. Regardless of how the team you’re rooting for started out, you can boost your winning plays or cut your losses back by betting with our constantly updated odds, on the go. Place your bets on results or lines, props and even more. Get fast results and the chance to win more by betting with the info you really need

Register now, try it out and stay on top. Because the ultimate live betting is… on the go!

About Live Betting

The BetLuckys' Live Betting app is online wagering at its best: it allows you to place bets during a whole event. The new technology in our application and upgraded connections make it simple and fast for In-game betting market environments. It is not limited to game lines and totals anymore. Our new app lets you enjoy several new markets and proposition wagers which in turn give you more playing options than ever. Live In-Progress betting is now available for most events, highlighting major sporting events such as Baseball, Basketball, Football, Boxing, Soccer, UFC, Hockey, MMA, and Golf. Live Betting is also available for international sports and some other major events unrelated to sports betting.

Instructions for using Live Betting:

You must register for an account in order to use BetLuckys’ Live Betting software. When you’re all set, please log into, where you will be redirected to the lines selection page. There you will find the entry point to the Live Betting app; click to enter and inside you will see the “GAMES” tab. The events schedule is listed under this tab. Select your preferred event for live betting to open the available markets for that event. Now you can place your Live Betting wagers.

If you need to check your history information for graded/pending wagers, look under the "My Wagers" tab inside the app. A "Rules" tab is also provided as reference if you should need some assistance with your live wagers.

Rules for Live Betting:

  • All wagers made through Live Betting can only be placed online.
  • BetLuckys can declare any wager placed on an obvious line error as void.
  • No wagers placed after an outcome has happened will be valid.
  • Regarding proposition wagers, they will have only one winning outcome. In case more than one winning outcome applies to the wagers, the first outcome to occur will be classified as the winning outcome and the rest will be classified as losing outcomes.
  • The same general betting rules used and enforced by BetLuckys apply for Live Betting.

Products available in Live Betting:

MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, UFC, MMA, NCAA Football & Basketball, Tennis, Golf, Soccer, Racing. Also, Special Events.